5th March 2023, Sunday

B.Tech to Venture Capital Firms: An Engineer's Journey

Archit Mittal

Archit is a 2021 Computer Science graduate from AKGEC, Ghaziabad. Currently, he is employed as a Quantitative Research Analyst at Tara Capital Partners India, a prominent hedge fund in India. In this role, Archit is responsible for developing algorithmic strategies for both Indian and foreign stock markets. He also collaborates with venture capital firms to offer market research and financial modeling services for startups. Prior to his current position, Archit worked as a Software Developer Intern at Amazon for 6 months during his final semester.

About The Session:

Venture Capital is the buzz word of the century. With news of startups raising millions of dollars of funding and becoming unicorns, working with a venture capital firm has come up as an aspirational career option. Working with a VC firm can be a cool and rewarding experience for those passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship, and making a positive impact on the world.

For this session, we have our speaker who despite being from a very traditional educational background was able to make his way to a VC. Archit is a 2021 B.Tech graduate currently working at Tara Capital Partners India, a prominent hedge fund. He will be sharing his experience and how you too could do the same.