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How a Venture Capitalist Invests in Early Stage Startups:

Live Case Study              

Sukhmani Bedi

VC - Orios Venture Partners, 3X Entrepreneur
INSEAD | Cambridge

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About The Masterklass

Prepare to dive into the dynamic world of Venture Capital with Sukhmani Bedi, an accomplished VC from Orios Venture Partners, who has a remarkable track record as a three-time entrepreneur. In this exclusive Masterklass where Sukhmani will unravel the intricacies of early-stage startup investments, offering invaluable insights and proven strategies that have positioned her at the forefront of the industry.

  • VC insights: Navigating the early-stage startup investment landscape.
  • Live case studies: Witness real-time analysis of startup investment opportunities.
  • Career guidance: Explore pathways to enter and excel in venture capital.
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How a Venture Capitalist Invests in Early Stage Startups - Live Case Study

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